Points of interest you can visit
Sunday afternoon and Monday


You will find below a number of points of interest to visit around Obernai located close to or more distant from Obernai. Therefore, some places to go are rather recommended for a Sunday afternoon or Monday visit (short trip) some others are recommended for Monday only (longer trip). A letter will tell you which day we recommned (S = Sunday, M = Monday).

We will display a board at the VVF for the participants to meet each other and visit together the different locations.

From #1 to #8: Sunday or Monday (S/M).
From #9 to #16: Monday only (M).

#1 – Riquewihr (45 km) : guided tour – S/M
Museum of the thieves tower and Dolder (bulwark tower).
A guided tour (city, musuem and bulwark tower) of one of the most beautfil towns of Alsace.
With Claude Zeyer of the Panhard de l'Est.
Caution: limited to 30 persons. Ticket: 7€.

#2 - Mont Saint Odile (15 km) – S/M
Few kilometers away from Obernai, a reknown pilgrimagre location with a monastery.
Wonderful view on the Alsace plain, pagan wall, walks.

#3 - The Struthof (26 km) – S/M
Former Nazi concentration camp, remembrance place. Not for the faint hearted.
Ticket: 1€.

#4 - Fort de Mutzig (15 km) – S/M
The biggest and strongest military fortification before WWI (german fortification). Everything is below the surface, great visit with restored systems still in working condition. Ticket: 12€.

#5 - Klingenthal (7 km) : royal factory of blades – S/M
Beatiful museum about the making of blades, swords, sabers... 7 km from Obernai, whose existence comes from an old royal factory of the 18th century.

#6 - Obernai – S/M
A must-see, souvenir shops, very beautiful town of Alsace, but a quite crowded place. You won't be alone!

#7 - Gertwiller (8 km) – S/M
The city of ginger bread, with its ginger bread museum. Ticket: 4€.

#8 - Le champs du feu (à 24 km) – S/M
Highest point of the Bas Rhin department (1099 m high). Great mountain road, with a nice view, and possibilities for those willing to walk in addition to driving.


Suggestions for Monday below


#9 - Kaysersberg (55 km) – M
A roadtrip among typical alsacien small towns.

Caution, these place are usually crowded during Pentecost, it's difficult to park in these towns. Here, it's more a bout sightseeing and roadtrip rather than visiting specific places or museums.

And a must-see, the wine road and the numerous wineries, with shopping available. Stay sober like your Panhard!

#10 - High Koenigsburg castle (40 km) – M
View a breathtaking view over the Alsace plain, the castle the High Koenigsburg is one of the most visited place in Alsace. The castle was entirely rebuilt by order of King Wilhem II. A must-see. Ticket: 9€.

Website: www.haut-koenigsbourg.fr

Haut Koenigsbourg (wikipedia)

#11 - Cité du train in Mulhouse (90 km) – M
One of the most beautiful collection of trains in the world, perfectly restored machines. Another must-see, with magnificent steam locomotive. A piece of French railroad history. Ticket: 13€.

Website: www.citedutrain.com

Cité du train

#12 - Kintzheim (30 km) : la volerie des aigles – M
Shows with eagles in a middle-age castle. Ticket: 9,50€.

#13 - Kintzheim (30 km) : la montagne aux singes – M
Walk among free apes in the mountain. Ticket: 9,50€.

#14 - Strasbourg (30 km) – M
The little France, the cathedral, historical downtown. Caution, park and ride (P+R) almost mandatory, and classic cars can be banned in case of pollution peak.

#15 - Ungersheim (75 km) : Ecomusée d’Alsace – M
Rebuild of an Alsacian town, made from houses coming from all Alsace. Activities during the week-end (Sunday therefore, not on Mondays) around ancient jobs: barber, black-smith, potter, distillery (with products you can taste... again, stay sober!). Ticket: 15€.

#16 - Ungersheim (75 km) : Parc du petit Prince – M
Next to the Ecomuseum (Ecomusée), The Little Prince park is a playground for the kids (10 years) and the St Expery fans. Hot air balloon tour only with suitable and safe weather (no wind, no storm, no lightening...). Ticket: 21€.