Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions described here are applicable to all bookings, without restriction or exceptions, made for the 30th Internation Panhard and Levassor meet (RIPL), occuring from the 21st of May to the 24th of May 2021, as proposed by the Dynamic Club Panhard & Levassor (DCPL), under the sponsorhip of the Federation of Panhard & Levassor clubs, on this website https://www.ripl2021.fr.

The DCPL has negotiated special fares with the providers, and passes on the costs to the participants, with an incremental fee due to the additional expenses created by the organization of the meet.

The providers are liable towards the participants, for the services they deliver to them, at the special fare negotiated by the DCPL.

The payment of the selected bookings (flat rates, optional supplements, etc...) must be done by wire transfer to the DCPL. The DCPL will then pay all the providers on behalf of the participants.

The booking for each participant will be validate only upon confirmation of the reception of the funds by wire transfer.

DCPL contact information:
Dynamic club Panhard et Levassor,
Association loi 1901
SIREN: 419 241 294
21 rue du Haut Bourg, 41000 Saint Sulpice de Pommeray.
Email: derrienyves@hotmail.com
Phone: +33 6 63 59 60 17

The participants are hereby informed that the data collected on this website is for booking purposes.

The personal data, collected on this website https://www.ripl2021.fr during the creation of your account are: firstname, lastname, postal address, phone number and email address.

The data is only used by the DCPL for organizational purposes and as part of the bookings (lodging, meals, museums...) on behalf of the participants. The data is not used for commercial and marketing purposes.

The data is available on your account once you are connected to it.